Birka™ font family

Designed by Franko Luin in 1992
Birka is the first typeface I designed from scratch. It took a whole year of my weekend and evening hours and is the typeface that teached me everything I know about type design. It is easy too see that I had Garamond in mind when drawing it.
Birka is beautiful" was the comment of the well known Swedish designer Bo Berndal when he first saw it. That comment gave me the courage to design more and more typefaces. In a Danish article about Scandinavian type design, Birka was taken as example of a typical Swedishness in typography. I am not sure what the writer had in mind, but it surely sounded well.
Birka has its name from the ancient Viking town Birka, whose remains are found not far away from Stockholm.
Birka was released in 1992."



Technical details
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File name: Birka SC, Birka SmallCaps.afm, BirkaSmaCap
PostScript name: BirkaSmallCaps
PostScript full name: BirkaSmallCaps
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