Linotype Cadavre Exquis™ font family

Designed by Wiebke Hoeljes in 1997
The fun font Cadavre Exquis was designed by Wiebke Hoeljes in 1997 and is a very eccentric alphabet. The forms and weights seem to have come together coincidentally. The result is a carefree and varied mixture of figures, each with a life of their own when put to paper. Cadavre Exquis is best for short texts and headlines, anytime when a fanciful, fun atmosphere is desired.

Linotype Cadavre Exquis™

Linotype Cadavre Exquis

Technical details
Digital data from:
Technical font names:
File name: CadavExqLT, CadavExqLT.afm, Cadavre Exquis LT
PostScript name: CadavreExquisLT
PostScript full name: Cadavre Exquis LT
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