Linotype BlackWhite™ font family

Designed by Ferdinay Duman in 1989
BlackWhite is a titling typeface created by Ferdinay Duman in 1989 styled after the designs of the late 1980s. Like the name says, the figures emphasizes the play between dark and light. To this end, most inner spaces have been deleted. The constructed outlines of the robust figures draw the attention. In some weights, Duman split the figures horizontally, giving them a unique look. The technical and mechanical BlackWhite is perfect for generous headlines on fliers or in trendy magazines.

Linotype BlackWhite™

Linotype BlackWhite

Technical details
Digital data from:
Technical font names:
File name: BlackWhiLTHea, BlackWhiLTHea.afm, BlackWhite LT Headline
PostScript name: BlackWhiteLT-Headline
PostScript full name: BlackWhite LT Headline
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