Linotype Gaius™ font family

Designed by Julius de Goede in 2002
Gaius is a beautiful script face with a nice relationship between the broad-edged pen and the proportions of the letterforms. It is very flexible and gives a personal touch due to its various alternate fonts with swash beginners, ending and ligature letterforms. Like Zapfino from Hermann Zapf, Gaius offers a great variety and makes the text more personal and readable.

Linotype Gaius™

Linotype Gaius

Technical details
Digital data from:
Technical font names:
File name: Gaius LT Swash Beginning, GaiusLTBolSwaBeg, GaiusLTBolSwaBeg.AFM
PostScript name: GaiusLT-BoldSwashBegin
PostScript full name: Gaius LT Bold Swash Beginning
Catalog number: