Linotype Invasion™ font family

Designed by Hellmut G. Bomm in 2002
German designer Hellmut G. Bomm developed the Linotype Invasion family of fonts in 2002. The three text faces in the family, Linotype Invasion Harold, Linotype Invasion Wilhelm, and Linotype Invasion Rex, were all inspired by styles of lettering found in the Bayeux Tapestry. Created sometime during the late 11th Century, the Bayeux Tapestry tells the story of William the Conqueror's successful invasion of England, and victory over King Harold at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The Linotype Invasion font family is faithful both to late Romanesque lettering styles, as well as to the appearance of letters stitched into cloth. This is the perfect font family for any English history buff, medieval buff, art history buff, typography buff - maybe just about anybody! The fonts work best in display settings. Perhaps you should try stitching them into cloth yourself for an extra authentic look.
An interesting companion face to any of the three Linotype Invasion fonts is Bomm's matching symbol font, the Linotype Invasion Animals. The pictograms in this font depict the mythical, medieval animals (and a few people!) that can be found interacting along the borders of the Bayeux tapestry.
All fonts in the Linotype Invasion family, including Linotype Invasion Animals, are part of the Take Type 4 collection, available through the Linotype GmbH."

Linotype Invasion™

Linotype Invasion

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File name: Invasion LT Rex, InvasLTRex, InvasLTRex.AFM
PostScript name: InvasionLT-Rex
PostScript full name: Invasion LT Rex
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