Linotype Barock™ font family

Designed by Jean-Jacques Tachdjian in 1999
Linotype Barock, from French designer Jean-Jacques Tachdijan is part of the Take Type Library, chosen from the entries of the 1999 International Digital Type Design Contest for inclusion on the Take Type 3 CD. At first glance you might think, What a mess!" The forms look as though they cannot settle down. But when you enlarge the figures you will understand why the designer named the font Barock, signifying ornateness. Not only is the font based on the forms of a transitional font, also called baroque Antiqua, but every character is composed of several different forms of the same letter in different styles and sizes. On the whole the font looks ornamental and almost restless, as though it is shaking, and is therefore meant for headlines in larger point sizes."

Linotype Barock™

Linotype Barock

Technical details
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Technical font names:
File name: Barock LT, BarocLT, BarocLT.AFM
PostScript name: BarockLT
PostScript full name: Barock LT
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