Linotype Belle™ font family

Designed by Isabelle Stutz in 1999
Linotype Belle is a casual script face. Created in 1999 by the Swiss designer Isabelle Stutz, the letters in this design have a light, informal nature, and appear as if they were written out quickly, using a writing instrument similar to a ballpoint pen. Linotype Belle has two fonts to offer: Linotype Belle Plain and Linotype Belle Bonus. Linotype Belle Bonus contains more extravagant, swash-like capitals than Linotype Belle Plain's characters; when used together, these two fonts can create a varied, lively impression.

Linotype Belle was a prizewinner in Linotype's Third International Type Design Contest. Additionally, the design is part of the innovative Take Type Library, and can be purchased as part of the Take Type 3.1 CD collection. The typeface works excellently when used to set magazine or newsletter headlines, and as text for greeting cards."

Linotype Belle™

Linotype Belle

Technical details
Digital data from:
Technical font names:
File name: Belle LT Bonus, BelleLTBon, BelleLTBon.afm
Windows menu name: LTBelle Bonus
PostScript name: BelleLT-Bonus
PostScript full name: Belle LT Bonus
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