Linotype Grassy™ font family

Designed by Strotmann Menne in 1999
The unusual and noticeable Linotype Grassy was created by German designer Inka Menne during her communication design studies at the FH Potsdam. One project involved the development of a writing utensil. Menne designed a wooden stylus with a rubber eraser as the writing tip. The result of this pen and a bit of 'puffing' were the basis for Grassy...As I found out that Grassy had won a prize in the 3rd International Type Design Contest, I decided to extend the typeface family to include three weights, so I drew and 'puffed' a full character set for each weight", explained Menne. One look is enough to see where the typeface got its name. Each letter is sprouting a few blades of grass and an entire line resembles a front lawn in one of three stages of overgrowth. Linotype Grassy not only attracts attention but its appearance is also not easily forgotten."

Linotype Grassy™

Linotype Grassy

Technical details
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Technical font names:
File name: GrassLT, GrassLT.AFM, Grassy LT
PostScript name: GrassyLT
PostScript full name: Grassy LT
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