Linotype Tetria™ font family

Designed by Martin Jagodzinski in 1999
Tetria was designed by Martin Jagodzinski, who says that the font came from the need for a compact, constructivist typeface. Tetria combines the expression of simplicity of the 'norm' typefaces like DIN Mittelschrift with elements of Old Face typefaces which optimize legibility. It therefore contains old style figures and a larger stroke contrast, which makes the font legible even in smaller point sizes." Sources of inspiration for Tetria were the designs of Joost Schmidt and Herbert Bayer as well as the norm typefaces. The name comes from the Greek word for 'four', tetra. "Four is the number of many simple and useful objects, four wheels on a car, four corners of a book. Also, the basic forms of Tetria come from the simple geometric form of the square." The space-saving Tetria is well-suited to a variety of uses, from corporate typeface to text to display on posters, flyers or onscreen."

Linotype Tetria™

Linotype Tetria

Technical details
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File name: LinotTetLigTab, LinotTetLigTab.afm, LTTetria LightTab
PostScript name: LinotypeTetria-LightTab
PostScript full name: Linotype Tetria Light Tab
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