Linotype Gianotten™ font family

Designed by Antonio Pace in 1999
Giambattista Bodoni in 1790
It took the Italian designer Antonio Pace more than five years to create Linotype Gianotten™, a successful new interpretation of the classic Bodoni types. To re-draw the 200-year-old characters for the world of modern digital technology, Pace studied Giambattista Bodoni's original punches at the Bodoni Museum in Parma. He felt that previous Bodoni interpretations were not well suited for body texts, so he focused his study of Bodoni's "Manuale Typografico" on the types made specifically for text sizes. Consequently, his Bodoni has strong hairlines, rounded transitions and shorter, fluted serifs - elements that help to achieve readability by providing an overall tranquil effect.
This contemporary, highly readable family is an excellent choice for text settings in books, newspapers, and magazines. Incidentally, the name Gianotten has nothing to do with Bodoni, but was chosen by Pace and Linotype to honor Dutch typographer, Henk W. J. Gianotten."

Linotype Gianotten Light SC

Linotype Gianotten

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File name: LinotGiaSCLig, LinotGiaSCLig.AFM, LinotypeGianotten SC Light
PostScript name: LinotypeGianottenSC-Light
PostScript full name: LinotypeGianottenSC-Light
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