Taut™ font family

Designed by John Jones in 2001
The original typeface idea was outline with diagonal stripes at 45° through the characters and was to be called Candy". This was in 1971. The font "Taut" which is based on "Candy" was started in summer 1995 and four versions of the font were submitted to Linotype in February 1996 and included a striped version. As with "Albertus" the font has only caps and is essentially minimalist.
Taut was originally named "Mies" after the great architect Mies van der Rohe, whose designs inspired the geometric simplicity of the font. "Mies" has an unfortunate meaning in the German language and so "Taut" was chosen as the final name for the font, after the Bauhaus architect Bruno Taut. In Taut, I have attempted to marry this geometry and a 30s personality with the stylish graphic adventures of the 90s.""



Technical details
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File name: Taut LT Shadow, TautLTSha, TautLTSha.afm
PostScript name: TautLT-Shadow
PostScript full name: Taut LT Shadow
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