Linotype Triangles™ font family

Designed by Georg Popp in 1997

About Linotype Triangles™ font family

Using an eight-part triangular grid, German designer George Popp created Linotype Triangles, a symbol font consisting of 61 different characters. Each character has been divided into eight parts. These parts are filled with either black or white triangles. When these characters are set into a line of text," the elements of the characters work with each other to create a stunning geometric composition. Linotype Triangles is the perfect symbol font to create geometric elements, borders, and backgrounds for your documents.
Georg Popp has a distinct love for patterns, which may also be seen in his other fonts for Linotype ( Linotype American Indian , Linotype Circles , Linotype Squares , and Linotype Sinbad ). His interest in patterns first began after seeing beautiful ornamental tile-pattern patios in Oman. In the Sultanate, these precious pieces of design are in danger of being eradicated by modernity and technology; Popp decided to use modern technological developments to keep these treasures alive. He chose font technology to carry out this task.
Linotype Triangles was designed in 1997, and is included in the Take Type 4 collection from Linotype GmbH, along with Linotype American Indian, Linotype Circles, and Linotype Squares."
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Font Designer: Georg Popp


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