Ryo Gothic PlusN font family

Designed by  Ryoko Nishizuka


About Ryo Gothic PlusN Volume

Ryo Gothic is a new Japanese sans serif (or gothic) kana typeface design. Created by Adobe type designer Ryoko Nishizuka , the typeface has a bright and speedy calligraphic touch and can be used to compose readable body text, as it gives a calm and well-controlled color to the typeset page. Supplied in OpenType format, each Ryo Gothic font includes hiragana, katakana and some punctuation marks and should be combined with the kanji and other glyphs in existing Japanese gothic typefaces that contain full character sets. This typeface family is available in seven weights--extra light, light, regular, medium, bold, heavy, and ultra heavy--which allow end users to select the best-matching weight for their favorite full-set Japanese gothic typeface. Creative professionals using the Japanese version of Adobe InDesign may use that program's Composite Font tool to easily combine Ryo Gothic with other typefaces.