Stencil™ font family

Designed by Gerry Powell in 1938/1997
Alexei Chekulayev in 1938/1997
Stencil™ was designed by Gerry Powell for American Type Founders in 1938. It's a faithful imitation of a stenciled alphabet, much like those used on boxes and crates, with rounded edges and thick main strokes. The font is composed of capital letters and figures; there is no lowercase. Use Stencil™ for graphic designs that call for a rough-and-ready look, a military look, or even to create real stencils for signs and marking boxes or luggage. Alexei Chekulaev made a Cyrillic version of Stencil™ in 1997.



Technical details
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Technical font names:
File name: Stencil LT CYR, StencLTCYR, StencLTCYR.afm
PostScript name: StencilLTCYR
PostScript full name: Stencil LT Cyrillic
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