Linotype Transis™ font family

Designed by Kelvin Tan Tec Loong in 1999
Linotype Transis, from designer Kelvin Tan Teck Loong, is part of the TakeType Library, chosen from the entries of the Linotype-sponsored International Digital Type Design Contest 1999 for inclusion on the TakeType 3 CD. This fun font is young and unconventional, combining contrasting elements to produce something completely new and different. The left sides of the characters look light and delicate, the right sides look as thought they were drawn with a thick brush stroke, resulting in a unique overall look. The restless characters almost seem to dance and under no circumstances will they build a regular, straight line of text. The lively Linotype Transis should be used exclusively for headlines in larger point sizes and set with generous line and character spacing.

Linotype Transis™

Linotype Transis

Technical details
Digital data from:
Technical font names:
File name: Transis LT, TransLT, TransLT.AFM
PostScript name: TransisLT
PostScript full name: Transis LT
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