Linotype Spitz™ font family

Designed by Oliver Brentzel in 1997
The Chrysler Building's decorative motif acted as the formal language that inspired the Linotype Spitz typeface. Linotype Spitz is a combination of pointed and semicircular elements that develop their own aesthetic value in their interplay. Neither the Chrysler Building nor the Linotype Spitz is designed on the basis of geometric rules; they both take account of optical phenomena in their design. Linotype Spitz is characterized by its elegant appearance, due to its exceptionally fine and pointed design. The font is ideal for posters and advertising.

Linotype Spitz™

Linotype Spitz

Technical details
Digital data from:
Technical font names:
File name: Spitz LT CE Light, SpitzLTCEBol, SpitzLTCEBol.afm
PostScript name: SpitzLTCE-Bold
PostScript full name: Spitz LT CE Bold
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US$ 65
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