News Gothic™ font family

Designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1908
The lighter weights of News Gothic™ were designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1908 for American Typefounders. This typeface is quite similar to Benton's other sans serifs from the early twentieth century, Franklin Gothic™ and Alternate Gothic™. The bold weights were added in 1958. The caps in News Gothic have a similar visual width to each other, and the lowercase is compact and powerful. These design attributes contributed to Benton's strong handle on the sans serif genre, and for years his types have been popular for newspaper headlines and many other uses. Still a popular presence on the font charts, News Gothic™ has proven its ability to get the job done right."

News Gothic™

News Gothic

Technical details
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File name: News Gothic LT CE, NewsGotLTCEBolObl, NewsGotLTCEBolObl.afm
PostScript name: NewsGothicLTCE-BoldOblique
PostScript full name: News Gothic LT CE Bold Oblique
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