Cooper Black™ font family

Designed by Oswald Bruce Cooper in 1921
Oswald Bruce Cooper designed Cooper Black, an extra bold roman face, based on the forms of his earlier typeface Cooper Old Style, which appeared with Barnhart Brothers Spindler Type Founders in Chicago. Cooper Black was produced by Barnhart in 1922 and acquired in 1924 by the Schriftguß AG in Dresden, where it was later completed with a matching italic. Although Cooper Black font appeared in the first third of the 20th century, it still looks comtemporary and it can be found on storefronts in almost any city scene. The flowing outer contours create forms that are both strong and soft, making Cooper Black an extremely flexible font.

Cooper Black™

Cooper Black

Technical details
Technical font names:
File name: CoopeBlaLTCEReg, CoopeBlaLTCEReg.afm, Cooper Black LT CE
PostScript name: CooperBlackLTCE-Regular
PostScript full name: Cooper Black LT CE Regular
Catalog number:
US$ 35
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