Linotype Humanistika™ font family

Designed by Hellmut G. Bomm in 1997
Humanistika was designed in 1997 by Hellmut G. Bomm after the humanistic italics used in the lettered arts at the beginning of the Renaissance. Its classic calligraphic design is available in two versions which only together create the intended historical effect.

Linotype Humanistika™

Linotype Humanistika

Technical details
Digital data from:
Technical font names:
File name: LT_52981.afm, LT_52981.inf, LT_52981.pfb, LT_52981.PFM
Windows menu name: Humanistika LT CE
PostScript name: HumanistikaLTCE
PostScript full name: Humanistika LT CE
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US$ 35
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