Eurostile® font family

Designed by Aldo Novarese in 1962
Eurostile® is one of the most important designs from the Italian font designer Aldo Novarese. It was originally produced in 1962 by the Nebiolo foundry as a more complete version of the earlier Microgramma, a caps-only font designed by Novarese and A. Butti.
Eurostile reflects the flavor and spirit of the 1950s and 1960s. It has big, squarish shapes with rounded corners that look like television sets from that era. Eurostile has sustained the ability to give text a dynamic, technological aura. It works well for headlines and small bodies of text. The Eurostile font family has 11 weights, from roman to bold and condensed to extended.
In 2009 Linotype released a revised version in the Platinum Collection under the name , with three weights in all three different styles.
And additionaly there are now new weights for the Eurostile family as , and ."



Technical details
Technical font names:
File name: EurosLTCEObl, EurosLTCEObl.afm, Eurostile LT CE
PostScript name: EurostileLTCE-Oblique
PostScript full name: Eurostile LT CE Oblique
Catalog number:
US$ 35
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