Linotype Charon™ font family

Designed by Renate Weise in 1999
Linotype Charon is the work of Renate Weise. Linotype Charon is a typeface with two sides to it: both objective and classic, it is neither neutral, nor an everyday typeface. Charon is modern and animated; its curving letters seek to touch the reader. Linotype Charon is named after the ferryman of Greek mythology who brought the souls of the dead across the River Acheron into the Underworld, connecting living and the dead. Linotype Charon, with its light swing and script character, can be used for either short texts or headlines.

Linotype Charon™

Linotype Charon

Technical details
Digital data from:
Technical font names:
File name: CharoLTCELig, CharoLTCELig.afm, Charon LT CE Light
PostScript name: CharonLTCE-Light
PostScript full name: Charon LT CE Light
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