Linotype Authentic™ Serif font family

Designed by Karin Huschka in 1999
Linotype Authentic is a post-modern type system developed by the German designer Karin Huschka in 1999. With 30 individual styles, Linotype Authentic is broken up across four sub-families: Linotype Authentic Serif (8 styles), Linotype Authentic Stencil (6 styles), Linotype Authentic Sans (8 styles), and Linotype Authentic Small Serif (8 styles).

The post-modern-ness of the Linotype Authentic system manifests itself through its stylistic qualities (snap-on" serifs, small serifs, and stencil "white space" lines) as well as through the overall appearance of its letterforms. The letters seem to be built from a complex matrix system. Elements that would normally be full curved have been flattened out. The uppercase letters run condensed. Both the "serifs" and "small serifs" are of the slab serif variety. The "small serifs" are reminiscent of the sort of serifs found on Didone letters (i.e., Didot or Bodini).

The Linotype Authentic fonts may be used in a wide array of point sizes, from small text (in moderate amounts) to headlines, titling, displays, book covers and posters. Linotype Authentic can set a mean logo in the right hands, too."

Linotype Authentic™ Serif

Linotype Authentic Serif

Technical details
Digital data from:
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File name: AuthenticSerif LT CE Medium, AutheSerLTCEBlaIt, AutheSerLTCEBlaIt.afm
PostScript name: AuthenticSerifLTCE-BlackIt
PostScript full name: Authentic Serif LT CE Black Italic
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