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Designed by Georg John in 1997


Johnstemp font sample

Johnstemp – A stamp font family based on Linotype Tagesstempel

Years ago, one of our Germany typeface designers created a symbol font family called Linotype Tagesstempel™. A “Tagesstempel” is one of those bureaucratic necessities, which you can manually set the date and time, and then stamp these onto documents. The character sets of the four Linotype Tagesstempel fonts included 72 glyphs each. The glyphs were primarially several alternate versions of each number, but pre-formed abbreviations for each month of the year (in German) were also a key element. Best of all, the family’s four weights helped users create graphics that simulated various degrees of inking; when a stamp is quickly placed on paper, some elements might be visibly quite darker than others. This effect was easy to mimic with the Linotype Tagesstempel family.
Johnstemp fontsample
Our customers enjoyed Linotype Tagesstempel so much that they demanded a full font family with all of the letters of the alphabet, not just abbreviated words for the months of the year. The designer of Linotype Tagesstempel, Georg John, got to work to fill this need. The result is Johnstemp™, a brand new display font family from Linotype.

Johnstemp includes five fonts, each with a broad character set including alternate letterforms. Unlike the pre-formed word images of Linotype Tagesstempel, Johnstemp includes both upper and lowercase letters, as well as Central and Eastern European diacritics. Now, there is virtually no limit to the amount of text you can set.
Johnstemp fontsample
True to form, Johnstemp’s glyphs are inspired by stamped letters. You can feel the ink smear just by look at the text in the images on this page. “Stemp” comes from “Stempel,” the German word for stamp. Johnstemp’s weights range from Light to Heavy. There is also an extra, roughed-up "mix" font that simulates even poorer inking and worse-stamped impressions.

The uses for this family are not limited to creating documents with an “official” look, however. Set in large point sizes, Johnstemp is perfect for angsty magazine headlines, movie posters, and music graphics. Use the many alternates for each letter together to create a more unique, random-style design!
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Linotype Cutter™

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