Linotype Atlantis™ font family

Designed by Lutz Baar in 1999
Atlantis is classified as a European sans serif. In comparison to its American cousins, which display the heavier influence of an antiqua, the European version usually have strictly constructed forms. Those of Atlantis are based on the geometric forms of the circle, square and rectangle. The a is rather stout and the g has an open descender, another characteristic of the European sans serifs. Atlantis has almost no variation in stroke width and the strokes are so optically balanced that the eye sees them as identical. Only portions of a few strokes display a slight reduction in weight. The cool, clear Atlantis is a good choice for both body text and headlines. Similar typefaces are Paul Renner's Future and the Gill of Eric Gill.

Linotype Atlantis™

Linotype Atlantis

Technical details
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Technical font names:
File name: AtlanLTCEBol, AtlanLTCEBol.afm, Atlantis LT CE Bold
PostScript name: AtlantisLTCE-Bold
PostScript full name: Atlantis LT CE Bold
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